About This Page!

"BigWaifu's Big Art Blog!" is a little site I set up to post uncategorized drawings that don't really belong in my showcase section along with a little snippet on what I'm currently working on or into. At any rate, I go by the moniker BigWaifu and I really enjoy illustration kind of just for the fun of creation. I might think I'm a little too old for any real ambitions, but I think I really do just want to do as little extra work that comes with pursuing a career in drawing since I'd rather not turn something I love to do into a full-time career (I already do have a career in the arts, but it's not really related to what I do as a hobby!). I like drawing comics and producing little interactive games. I'm not very good at programming, but I get by. Generally speaking, I enjoy reading stories that genuinely seem to come from the expression of a persons emotional or subjective experiences, and as such try to be as honest in my own creative process.

I'm not really banking on the fact that anyone would be interested in actually reading about a rinky-dink webcomic writers daily exploits, especially since I'm still a pretty private person; however I do enjoy having a little space on the internet to just sort of be able to look back on an read about where I've been. I could just keep a diary, of course, but it seems weird and counterintuitive to not feel like I'm putting at least something I'm drawing up for someone to see! If you are here by some chance without being aware of my other more public facing work, you can check that out here! In particular, my most worked on project is "The Dandelion Patch," a rather contemplative and slow paced slice of life with a sinister undertone. I certainly can't give my guarantee that if you like anything like it you'll enjoy it, but... I always like to hear what people think it's all about.

I- uh- don't have much to say besides that. This site is not at all going to be fancy or even have like archives or more pages unless there are so many images that it breaks the browser... I'll try to address those things as they come!