"I'm Stuck In The Hole World In My Underwear..."


It has not been what I would call a 'smooth' ride for the past few months- but I'd like to believe some personal glimmers of light in my life have made this a very nice year so far. I know this is not something many people can agree with- but trust me, ok? Anyway, I felt a compulsion to post something today, and this felt like the thing to post. I don't really have any plans to finish The Dandelion Patch, but I hover on the idea of what I do with the characters. Are there just ideas that swirl in our head that will never get their proper representation? I really am not sure! This was sort of a design test for a restart to the comic I considered, but this was about as far as I got.

"Inktober # 1"


Oops, I meant to update this as inktober went, but I never had the time to write a little thing on this blog for it every time so I decided I'd just be putting it up whenever I got a chance. Day 1 was the naive beginning of a story where I thought I would livestream myself drawing a digital drawing without using layers or undo. Guess how many days I did this for?



I'm not sure why I do this. 15 pages into a chapter of Dandepatch and I feel myself starting to get sick of posting anywhere. The drawing is never an issue, though.

"Angry Ink Warmup"


I tend to employ a simple and easy inking style when I draw "The Dandelion Patch," so when I do a warm up, I've been trying to push both my inking technique and my expressions, both in faces and bodies. She may look a bit familiar right now...but we haven't exactly met this one quite yet.

"Style Checking"


"The Dandelion Patch" has its own style to draw from, but as it is a story about perspectives and visions, it is important to use different ways of depicting a character's memories in order to give it their personal touch. Before I start working on a segment that uses a particular character's viewpoint, I make sure to do a quick 'style check' to give me a quick sample of what I'm going to have to do to finish a page. I found this one of Rachel in the comic folder and thought it was a nice little portrait. Hope you don't mind the cropped edge.




Knowing Your Rules!


Whenever I draw Katrina, it is very important to make sure I don't overdo the swirl on her hair (sometimes I do and let it go, but lately I've been trying to be more careful about it.) There are other characters with much swirlier hair, and I do not want to overdo it with her.

First Post!


I spent so much time working on putting this website up that I don't feel like typing anymore! I had this picture up as the front page image for Dandepatch while I was trying desperately to start updating it again. Of course whenever I draw the character of Ash, it's me unconsciously expressing my desire to try out a new look for myself...