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There's a mystery in every corner of this damned city. You know it. You feel it in your six nipples. The siren sound that came from god knows where. The disappearance of the birds when it gets cold outside. The unknown is out there just waiting to be solved, because damnit you believe in mysteries if your name isn't Georgia Peanut.
You sit at your desk, mulling over the mysteries that remain to be found out there in this aforementioned damned city. Today felt different, though. You cant shake the feeling that today, the mysteries were going to come to you.
You were ready though, and you've got reasons to laugh in the face of the danger out there. 18 of them, to be exact, and they're all sharp as hell.
Even so, it can't hurt to investigate the office to get a leg up on the mysteries you KNOW are coming your way.

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