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You decide that the best place to get a good look at all the INVESTIGATION POINTS in your office would be from atop your EMPTY BOOKSHELF. You reconsider taking this action so soon after knocking your TRAINING HAT down. You've already taken the poor guy as low as it can go. For you to jump up and be just so INCREDIBLY HIGH compared to it would just seem like insult to injury to the hat.
Fortunately you are not better than dunking on a smug TRAINING HAT. You prepare to jump to an INCREDIBLY HIGH height. Factoring in the fact that you are KINDA ACROBATIC, you figure that shooting for a JUSTLY EFFECTIVE jump will be the easiest way up with the lowest risk to FAIL.
You do catch yourself acting on your awful FELINE INSTINCTS. You've made this jump before, but you do risk FAILING and looking foolish in front of all these nice, potentially TREAT HAVING PEOPLE. You could FOLLOW THROUGH with your leap, but you are a reasonable cat, and would also be willing to take a suggestion from aforementioned potentially TREAT HAVING PEOPLE.

What now?

Please read DIPLOMA for inspiration. Love, your Aunt Jolene...
By the way did you hear Lexie had her daughter?
It's a boy and he's got beautiful blond hair

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