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Next to your TREASURE BOX is your BRUSHY LOOP, a mysterious artifact that smells a little like sweet sweet CATNIP. You love to rub your HAPPY GLANDS on this, as the bristly surface is also supposed to help you with your shedding issues. You can think of no better time than the summer to get your HAIRBALLS under control.
Your SISTER made you a little decoration for your office. She is INCREDIBLY CRAFTY when it comes to needleworking, and it is unclear whether she actually thinks the sentiment of 'Blessing This Mess' is heartwarming, or that a hard-boiled MYSTERIOLOGIST having this object of kitsch in her office is ironic and thus HIDEOUSLY FUNNY. You don't like to give your sister too much credit, frankly.
Next up is the proverbial feather in the cap of any good gumshoe, their OFFICE DOOR. Before you meet any detective worth their salt, what do you see? That's right. Their DOOR.
You'd have shown off your door right away, but your door painter had a hard time fitting the word 'MYSTERIOLOGIST' onto your door. This is what you get when you pay people in DEAD ANIMALS.

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