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You emerge from a JUSTLY SUCCESSFUL trip to the UNISEX LITTERBOX. You originally came to your SISTER, Peanut's office to congratulate her on her degree in MYSTERIOLOGY, and to have her solve this MYSTERY you've been dealing with.
You see, someone's been stealing your FOOD DISH and eating ALL THE FOOD out of it. You know it is your FOOD DISH because it has your name, Jean Louise Scout, written on it. You wrote it on there yourself with a MARKER you held in your mouth.
You heard a lot of noise while you were in the bathroom, and it would appear that your sister has gone off on a tear and then taken a POWER NAP in the middle of her office. You shake your adorable little head at the silly girl. You were in this bathroom for maybe 10 minutes, and she's probably forgotten you were here.
It will be awhile until she wakes up, so in the interest of time, you decide to take over INVESTIGATING MYSTERIES. While you are by no means a firm believer in the MYSTERIOUS, you have no reason to doubt its existence. You could consider yourself a MYSTERY AGNOSTIC.

What now?

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