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In your clockwise exploration of your sister's office, you then stumble upon her TREASURE BOX. You know it is WRONG to go through other people's things, but the box does have a PAW BUTTON, so if it is set up right, Peanut should have it locked so that only she can open it. Assuming she knows how to set up a PAW BUTTON, that is.
What a surprise! She doesn't! VARIOUS ITEMS are revealed from the BOX in the only way things are revealed from BOXES, by flying the heck out of them and doing a little somersault.
Let's see here... the TREASURE BOX contained a 12-PACK OF DISPOSABLE THUMBS, an EMPTY FOOD BOWL, and a single KITTENCOIN. You are pretty sure this is the exact KITTENCOIN that Peanut charged you to help solve your MYSTERY.

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