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You insist that you have business with these two, and that you would love to talk more about it in the comfort of their office. The pair shrug their shoulders and let you in.
Geez! What a mess they made in here! You're a little upset that you didn't get to see this amazing SCRAP that took place, but that's how it goes, you suppose.
You introduce yourself to them as TRACY, and they tell you their names: the one in the dress is named SCOUT and the STURDY MYSTERIOLOGIST is PEANUT. You make yourself at home in this disheveled office space as you push your way through. You are relieved at the sight of a SOLID MATTER SMASHER. Of all the MODERN CONVENIENCES you enjoy, a SOLID MATTER SMASHER is one you absolutely could not live without. It takes any TWO ITEMS that fit inside and combines them into one INCREDIBLY USEFUL ITEM...most of the time.
The name is a little obtuse, so most cats just call it a SMASH MOUTH.

What now?

TRACY: Make a drink

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