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PEANUT: Check drawer on floor

You are now PEANUT. You look into your desk drawer. The only thing in there are a couple of worthless KANINECOIN. Whereas KITTENCOIN is gathered through HARD WORK and GUMPTION, KANINECOIN is generated by saying NICE THINGS TO OTHER CATS ON THE INTERNET. The easiest way to gather KANINECOIN is to do stuff like RATING ORDERS ON AMEWZON, but its so easy to get that the market is saturated. Everytime you stumble upon a KANINECOIN, you just toss it in a drawer.
You decide to leave them in the drawer, as you are afraid if this garbage counted towards POCKET space, so would DIRT or LINT, and you'd never have room for your stuff!

What now?

PEANUT: Listen to Tracy, already!

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