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PEANUT: Listen to Tracy, already!

You turn your attention to the MYSTERIOUS DAME who has introduced herself as TRACY. You grumble a bit at the MYSTERIOUS DAME no longer being MYSTERIOUS by having a NAME, but I guess you should have asked her not to reveal her identity.
There's nothing better to do now that your office is trashed, so you might as well hear her out if she has a MYSTERY for you to find.
She hops up on the overturned desk and lays in an ALLURING FASHION. You start to wonder if she knows she's in the company of girl cats, and this SEDUCTRESS act is really just making the room uncomfortable.
Speaking of uncomfortable, she sits with her back to the 4TH WALL. You're going to have to avoid SERIOUS EYE CONTACT in order to keep yourself from going into another trance.

What now?


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