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Tracy goes on to tell you all about her MYSTERY. She is friends with an AIDE of the MAYOR of LITTLE KITTY CITY, MAYOR SPINX. Apparently, there is some kind of PLOT to take him down. The details are a MYSTERY, but it is supposedly over his recent OVERHAULS TO SECURITY MEASURES AGAINST DOGS.
Personally, you think his policies are ridiculous. There has never been a report of a DOG in the history of LITTLE KITTY CITY, and there probably never will be. DOG'S don't exist, and unlike MYSTERIES, there is FACT-BASED EVIDENCE to prove that.
Your political opinions aside, Tracy goes on to tell you that this plot is going down tonight as Mayor leaves work. While security will be ramped up, there is no telling what the nature of this PLAN is. You might even say, it is a MYSTERY.

What now?


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