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Your ears perk up. Finally, the MEAT and MORE MEAT of this dame's fairytale. A MYSTERY!!!
The POLICE followed the KITTENCOINS to the notorious NINE LIVES GANG. Headed by the devious DON TEN DEKA, they work tirelessly to undermine Spinx and the law he tries so desperately to lay down. Intel suggests that the MUSCLE hired to do in the Mayor is a HIDEOUSLY STRONG GOON known only as PECKS BUSHEL. If you were to start your MYSTERY HUNT anywhere, he'd be the guy.
Scout asks why Tracy is coming to Peanut to take care of what seems like a job for the POLICE MYSTERIOLOGISTS?
Tracy chitters playfully, explaining that she's getting to that...
A 'DING' can be heard from behind you.

What now?


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