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This story is complicated and honestly a little ill-concieved. You aren't sure if this KINDA MYSTERIOUS DAME is just being A WORRY WART or there is actually a threat on the Mayor's life. You are also not sure if CATNAP is yet another cat pun for KIDNAPPING, or if it is a euphemism for SOMETHING WORSE.
What is INCREDIBLY CONCERNING to you is how Tracy is going to consume that CHICKEN MEOWTINI. You know you'd just throw the CHICKEN on the floor and EAT IT LIKE A NORMAL CAT WOULD, but she seems so poised and ready to just sip it down. She's still saying something about a POTENTIAL THREEFOLD CATNAPPING PLAN, but you aren't really listening anymore.
DARN IT! You blinked and missed her eat the entire thing! Did she even eat the glass!? What KIND OF MYSTERIOUS DAME is this!?

What now?


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