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PEANUT: Accept the case!

Of course, you ACCEPT THE CASE!
CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken on your first case in PEANUT NOIR! You are rewarded with your very own CASE PORTFOLIO! The wording on it is a little off, but you'll probably get a new one once you graduate from the rank of JUNIOR MYSTERIOLOGIST.
Your CASE PORTFOLIO gives you helpful tips on where you should go next in order to keep you on TRACK.
You worry that it might make the case too easy and condescend to your MAYBE SHARP CRITICAL THINKING ABILITIES, but you can always turn it off by fiddling around in the OPTIONS MENU if it makes things unfun.
At any rate, you knew to go find the MAYOR'S AIDE to get more info on the case anyway, though humorously enough, you are not explicitly told where they are going to be. You are probably not going to go out of your way to achieve the BONUS OBJECTIVE, because of your history of NOT OVERACHIEVING.

What now?

SCOUT: Be proud of your sister.

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